China is rapidly emerging as the largest, most dynamic, most promising inbound, outbound and domestic travel market in the world. Amazingly, it has done this over the past 25 years from a standing start.

The next five years will be even more exciting as the Internet becomes the main tool for promoting, managing and delivering tourism globally and China boosts tourism growth, quality and sustainability as a strategic economic pillar.

China is also potentially the most important e-tourism market in the world – with the most Internet users, an intense web landscape, a vibrant consumer base and leading edge travel technology. Increasingly, consumer thinking, brand recognition and purchasing are being shaped online.

It also has special challenges – a distinctive culture and way of doing business, inadequate data, complex sales channels and unique marketing demands. It is one of the toughest markets in the world to do business in, but for those who understand and are patient, there is unlimited opportunity.

Our “Essential China Travel Trends,” reveals some of the critical trends and potential pitfalls, and offers insights from practitioners in the industry.

We thank our contributors and partners, and hope you enjoy the first edition, published in the year of the Tiger.

Best Regards,

Beijing, May 25th 2010

The ‘Essential China Travel Trend’ booklet’s Tiger edition is a collection of articles straight from the pulse of the exiting and rapidly developing tourism & travel industry in China. Browse the articles and learn about the Chinese travel market, its consumers and how to best reach out to them.

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